About us

Many people ask us how did we come up with this concept of Serlock Integrated Systems. To be honest, one of our founders, Bryan Williams had been working as a policeman in a busy South Florida where there is a heavy mix of drugs and property crimes. These two go hand and hand as drug addicts turn into thieves to support their drug habits. While working the streets as a patrol officer, Bryan found himself responding to the homes of burglary victims and noticed most of the time during his investigations, he would ask the victim for a list of things stolen, they would become unsure of most of the information he would ask them for and the majority of the victims would not have serial numbers. This alone was a big problem for our victims because as a law enforcement agency, our greatest tool in reconnecting victim with their merchandise is the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).  This database is used nationwide by law enforcement to identify reported stolen items. It also reconnects stolen property with its victims nationwide.

Using the NCIC database allows for about 13% arrest rate because the majority of people don't have the serial numbers available at the time of theft. An $8 billion dollar a year problem could easily be resolved with the use of Serlock. MIllions of victims will be reunited with their property with the use of Serlock. Serlock, the first of its kind, theft Assurance software. It protects homeowners, business owners and renters property from being sold openly over the internet , pawnshops or any responsible marketplace that sells merchandise.

The final incident that forced me into action was stealing of my oldest son's bicycle. A few days after my oldest son's birthday. I took him to the bicycle shop in our neighborhood and allowed him to pick out any bicycle he wanted. He selected one of the more expensive bicycles, a $400 bicycle. When making the purchase, the clerk told me to hold on to the receipt because if something happened to it, to give the police the serial number to the police. I chuckled knowing full well he meant that the bicycle could be reported stolen in NCIC without serial number.

The $400 dollar bicycle was stolen and there was no serial number available to add to the reports were taken without a serial Out of Frustrations, Serlock Integrated Systems was born. We designed Serlock to be inexpensive and a no brainer for those interested in the purchasing the prouduct. all of which were captured in in design phase.